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ARISTO is the leading German manufacturer of multi-functional flatbed Cutters for the precise CAD/CAM processing of all non-metallic substances, rigid or flexible What ever you have to cut and process precisely foils, textiles, cardboards or gaskets, we offer the optimal solution.

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LFC - Large Format Cutter 3x3 m

With the ARISTOMAT LFC® 3332 ARISTO completes the machine family of large format cutters. For the LFC sector ARISTO offers the full range of finishing solutions for the digital printing market. The LFC® line is suitable for many further cutting applications in different industries.


LFC - Large Format Cutter 2x3 m

Processing in medium format - 2x3 m (100x126 in)

The addition to the LFP field of the “medium size” flat bed cutter ARISTOMAT LFC® 2332  is now the solution for finishing in the workflow of  2m wide digital printers. With the LFC® 2332 the good experiences from the 5m machine have been transformed to the 2m area and provide extreme rigidity, cutting performance and the ARISTO long life cycle and reliability.


LFC - Large Format Cutter

Processing in large format -
5x5 m
(197 x 197 in)
5x3 m
(197 x 118 in)

Finishing in the LFP sector is today changing. The increasingly higher output quantities of digital printers demand new finishing strategies in post processing. ARISTO meets the challenge with their ARISTOMAT LFC®, specially designed for the cutting of large format roll and sheet materials.