Cutting solution for gaskets

Computer controlled cutting of gasket materials straight from the CAD-system: ARISTO has created the term DIECUTTING: production of items from single pieces to small batch production, with always the same precision, without the detour via the expensive die mould, immediately, without lost time due to preparation of the die mould.

ARISTOMAT Cutters are the system solution for the professional manufacture of gaskets. The basic machine possesses a robust cutting table with integrated vacuum system. Due to adjustable matrix-vacuum zones, the material is securely fixed during processing without the aid of mechanical clamps.

With the for this purpose specially developed MultiHead, one is in possession of the optimal tool for cutting the most varied gasket materials. The cutting- and cutting edge quality of the manufactured parts meet the highest technical demands, the dimension accuracy lies within a hundredth millimeter.

Our BevelCutDevice offers a neat and quick solution for cutting grooves in rubber materials. In contrast to milling v-grooves, there is no swarf and the process speed is increased many times over.