Cutter software

For the production of data for the ARISTOMAT-Cutter, all common signmaking programs, e.g. FlexiSign and CAD programs such as AutoCAD or cncCUT, that output HPGL data are suitable.

ARISTO Designer - Packaging & Displaysoftware


ARISTO Package & Display Designer is 2D and 3D software specially developed to improve the packaging and the POP/POS displays production. It is compatible with Adobe® Illustrator® and supports the entire workflow, from the concept design and 3D assembly to artwork arrangement and generation of plotter files. 


  • Smart Drafting with parametric components
  • 3D modelling with realistic 3D PDF generation
  • Support of ECMA, FEFCO and Xanita codes
  • Library of Packaging Designs
  • Library of Display Designs
  • Layout and Nesting Optimization
  • Adobe Illustrator plug-in
  • CAM

The software is available for the packaging sector as well as for the display sector or as a bundle.

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FlexiSign - An ideal tool for data optimization

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cncCUT for the construction of gaskets

Thanks to extensive CAD functionality and intuitive user guidance, cncCUT is particularly suitable for creating data for cutting seals.

Very easily and without any prior knowledge, you can quickly create drawings yourself with the integrated CAD system IBECad or load macros and DXF drawings into the software. The drawings automatically receive technology data from cncCUT. The software suggests optimized travel and minimizes idle travel. Each setting in the program can be edited manually if required.

For material optimization, the modules Contour Nesting and Parquet Boxing are also offered. Plotter applications have special functions available:

  • response of various tools, e.g. marking pen, oscillating knife, puncher and fixed knife
  • automatic tool change
  • Supernatant, overcut
  • Sort order by tool
  • Speeds for each knife according to material and thickness
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of the tools according to contour 

For more information see www.ibe-software.


PROCUT® is a software solution for the nesting (overhead-light projection) and the cutting of patterns by means of die-less cutting technologies (knive, laser, waterjet). 

Thye system can be operated either as a stand-alone solution (at the respective cutting table) or integrated in an IT-network (as work preparation). The data for cutting is generated by the CAD-system automatically.


  • data import
  • automatic layout / nesting (leather)
  • modifications of patterns
  • bar code support

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