Material Position Detection

Material Position Detection

With the Material Position Detection a misalignment of the material can be determined and compensated. For this purpose, up to four material edges are scanned at several positions in X- and/or Y-direction with a contrast or reflex edge sensor. This is especially important when a contour is to be cut exactly at one certain position.

AutomaticEye System

The intelligent camera system enables quick and exact cutting of printed patterns. For that purpose the system first realises the control points with the camera, in the MultiHead integrated als stand-alone tool, fully automatically calculates the compensation values for askew material, print distortion or material changes and so guarantees exact cutting of the contour.

Mobile Barcode Reader

The automatic procedure can be supple-mented by a mobile Barcode Reader, which can identify the plot file by means of a barcode printed on the pattern and automatically allocates to the corresponding cutting data.