ARISTOMAT System Options

Produce automatically, reduce idle times and at the same time increase the productivit



  • Loading and unloading parallel to the production process
  • Increase productivity by reducing idle time
  • For all ARISTOMAT LFC available

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ProductionLineCutter (PLC)

  • Remove cut material whilst further parts are being cut
  • Laying-on and/or removable boards
  • Circulating conveyor belt
  • Available for ARISTOMAT series GL, TL and LFC


PU Conveyor

  • The smooth surface is particularly suitable for fibrous materials such as glass and carbon fiber
  • The materials can be removed easily from the conveyor belt


Parallel-running tool heads

  • The use of multiple parallel-running tool heads increases the productivity of the ARISTO cutters considerably
  • Different solutions can be supplied according to usage
  • ARISTO offers the solution for your production