HSACD - HighAirStrokeCuttingDevice

The HighStrokeAirCuttingDevice is used when the usual cutting methods do not lead to any success in cutting or do not meet the expected cutting quality. Due to its bigger cutting stroke and the resulting longer cutting length of the blade, it is the perfect solution for demanding cutting tasks. Materials that tend to resonate or vibrate, will come out with a better cutting quality.

Based on the longer cutting edge per lift, the process speed becomes increased - this results in a higher profitability of your investment.



  • High knife stroke
  • High oscillation frequence
  • High process speed
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Air cooling with low air flow
  • Available for ARISTOMAT GL, TL and LFC


Material examples

  • Various gasket materials
  • Soft rubber
  • Foams
  • and such more