MultiHead V

The fifth MultiHead generation sets new standards in ARISTO’s
tool head family.

- controlled depth adjustment

- height sensor

- process database "CutRecall" (option)

Up to seven already set tools, an integrated, controlled depth adjustment (Z-axis) and software-controlled pressure for each tool position provide the user with the possibility of executing varying process steps without further intervention.
The table surface and material thickness are automatically recorded by a height sensor.

The efficiency is additionally increased by the access to the database CutRecall. With CutRecall the complex material and process specific parameter settings are saved. Data retrieval for a work process takes place as fast as lighting. Manual input and typing errors are avoided, setup times reduced and the know-how remains retained

A controlled depth adjustment enables the using of optimal process parameters. Very tough materials can so be depth controlled processed.
For the recognition of fiducials, the MultiHead V can be fitted with the camera system AutomaticEye; this increases the level of automation and rounds off the performance.

These MultiHeads are available for the ARISTOMAT series GL, TL and LFC.





MultiHead V A7z
MultiHead V A5z
Database "CutRecall"