Pneumatic- / Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T

Both Pneumatic Cutting Devices are particularly suitable for cutting solid and stiffer materials, which require high cutting strength. as e.g. PVC, reflecting foils or laminates. The necessary cutting strength is created using air pressure and can be finely adjusted to the material requirements. The cutting edges are of best quality due to the tangential steering.

The Pneumatic Cutting Device offers a tool with variably adjustable blade depth for scoring or cutting. Optionally a marking device for marking and labeling is available.

For materials that alternately have to be scored and cut in one work process (Kisscutting/Diecutting), ARISTO offers the Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T with two adjustable cutting depths. Additionally, a marking module can be integrated for marking and labelling the produced pieces.

Optionally, both cutting devices can be expanded with the intelligent camera system AutomaticEye for identifications of fiducial on prints.

These Cutting Devices are available for the ARISTOMAT series CL, SL, GL and TL.


Accessories Pneumatic Cutting Device 

Accessories Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T 

Pneumatic Cutting Device
Optionally marking device for Pneumatic Cutting Device
Pneumatic Cutting Device 2T