PunchingDevice HD

The PunchingDevice HD is the solution when a high number of holes has to be cut. Where the use of knifes or oscillating knifes would take too long or be too inaccurate, the PunchingDevice HD comes into play and raises productivity.

The rotary punching process features best results at quick speeds. A supported suction system removes the cut outs. The capability to use the PunchingDevice HD such as the usable speed and hole size depends on the kind of material and its thickness.

Ask us to test your material with this new power tool head.


  • Hole puncher from Ø 2 mm
  • Punching speed 2 holes/sec with 1 mm material thickness
  • Adjustable punching behavior
  • Suction system to remove the cut outs
  • Combinable with other ARISTO tool heads
  • Available for ARISTOMAT TL and LFC series