UltrasonicCuttingDevice UCD35k

The UltrasonicCuttingDevice UCD35k is a specially designed tool head for sophisticated applications. It offers a high process technology for cutting and even sealing. The high vacillation of the UCD knife opens a whole new field of abilities. Cutting new substrates such as fibrous and composite materials plus using sealing effects thru resulting heat. Banner and fibre material or reflective vinyl can require smooth and closed edges. With this tool head your materials may be cut and edge sealed at the same time.
Specific application testing and tuning can make this tool head a strong solution for your business. Options on the used sonotrode and its applied power and speed, leave many more potentialities yet to discover.


  • Adjustable oscillation behavior
  • Cut and seal edges in one work process
  • Different sonotrodes for different applications
  • Combinable with other ARISTO tool heads
  • Available with ARISTOMAT GL, TL and LFC series