Highest precision, efficiency and Flexibility in cardboard processing

ARISTO cutting solutions for displays, event furniture, interior, cardboard boxes and packaging

Precision & Efficiency

Whether it is the production of packaging, POS displays, sample construction or small run production. With ARISTO® system solutions you can process cardboard boxes of all kinds precisely and reliably.

The individual combination of cutter, tool head and software allows you almost unlimited possibilities of cutting, creasing or V-cutting at maximum speed.

Our flatbed cutters can process various materials (extract)

Cardboard material of any kind

ARISTO flatbed cutters process a maximum variety of cardboard and plastic materials as sheets or plates. Ask our specialists about the perfect solution for your specific cutting task! Solid cardboard, corrugated cardboard, HoneyComb, foamboards, triple wall cardboards


Various configurations available:

Standard (Basic Maschine)

for roll material (with conveyor)

for plate materials (with conveyor and unloading table)

TL series

Thought out in every detail

Strong and secured fixation through matrix vacuum zones

The material is securely fixed without a mechanical clamping device. The integrated vacuum system only fixes it in the corresponding zone. Important for your TCO, it significantly reduces energy consumption.

Clear edges with a V-notch-cutter

All required tools are mounted at the same time, no tool head change during the job. Straight and curved cutting lines, HighSpeedCutting, different Bevel Angels, … ARISTO offers an outstanding unique solution.

Time savings through optimized workflow

The ARISTO software, tried and tested thousands of times, ensures a smooth workflow and greater efficiency. The cutting data are taken directly from the CAD system.

Customized for you!

ARISTO provides you with the optimal solution for your cutting problem, not just a machine. We advise you individually and configure a production line that is precisely fitting to your requirements. Depending on your industry, the processed material, the processing processes and the workflow level. With our comprehensive consulting expertise, we are not only enabling trouble-free production, but also open up new markets and opportunities for you – true to our slogan „Forming your business“.
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